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Academic success is achieved when the needs of all students, teachers, and staff are met, and when there exist strong partnerships with parents.

Academic success would not be possible without the strong support of our parents, school staff, community partners, and our taxpayers!  However, despite the strong system of support in our county, our schools fell victim to the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Though UCPS ranked #1 in proficiency for the 2020-21 school year, this reflects a 10.60% decrease in proficiency from the 2018-19 school year, the last year for which data is available. (**see below for sources)  

To return to and surpass the pre-pandemic level of proficiency will take addressing some of the basic and most pressing student-teacher needs, such as: 

  • access to a wide variety of resources

  • properly stocked classroom supplies

  • smaller class sizes

  • autonomy in the classroom 

  • and mental health support

In addition to ensuring these needs, I will strive to continue to build and strengthen our parent and community involvement so that we can continue to see student growth and academic success. 

**Data obtained from the 2020-21 School Assessment and Other Indicator Data and the 2018-19 School Assessment and Other Indicator Data reports found here.  Figures can be found at the top of the "Percent Level 3 and Above (GLP)" column when you sort the spreadsheet by the following: 

- District Name: Union County Public Schools

- Subgroup: All Students

- Subject: All Subjects

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Policy decisions, whether at the classroom, school, or district-level should be driven by data.

Agreeing on policy is possibly one of the most difficult tasks for anyone in a leadership position.  It’s important to recognize that no ONE policy is a "one-size-fits-all,” but we should always strive for what works best for most.  Therefore, policy decisions should made with the best available, relevant data and should be open for revisions with changing times.

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Transparency occurs when there is honest and open dialogue between leadership and stakeholders and when data used to inform policy is readily made available to UCPS stakeholders.

Over the past several months, parents have been blindsided by policy and procedural changes that have caused much confusion.  Clear, honest, and open communication is key to understanding. 

There are already open meetings, and public records laws in place to drive transparency between public officials and their constituents, but I feel that these laws fall short of ensuring that the public truly has access to all materials used for decision-making.  For more transparency, it is important for elected officials to share the documents or sources they personally use to decide how they vote. 

My commitments if elected:

  • Base all decisions on facts (independent of my personal needs and desires) and render my vote after careful analysis and consideration of all available data.

  • Pass policies that facilitate learning and improve the quality of education.


  • Conduct all discussions about policy during official open meetings (except as required by privacy laws).

  • Share all documents and materials I use for policy decisions if those materials are not already part of the records formally posted by UCPS.

  • Maintain honest and open communication with all stakeholders.