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A child's education should be a collaboration between the parents/guardians, the child, and their teachers.  As an educator, I know that the most successful students are those whose parents or guardians are informed, supportive, and involved in their education.  This page is intended to provide parents with tips, information, and resources to help them stay informed and involved. 

How can I stay informed and involved?
  • Check PowerSchool DAILY.  To create a PowerSchool parent account, click here.

  • Check out your child's Canvas! Through Canvas, you can see the posted lessons, assignments, grades, and your child's submissions and accompanying teacher feedback.  For directions on how to create a Canvas observer account, watch this brief video

  • To create a Canvas observer account using your Student Pairing Code, or to log in to your existing account, click here.

  • To access additional Canvas observer resources, click here.

***Please note that while you can see your child's individual assignment grades in Canvas, you should not rely on the average class grade from Canvas!  For an accurate average grade in the class, ALWAYS go by what is available in PowerSchool!

Open House
  • Open House usually takes place the week prior to the first day of school.

  • Attending gives you the opportunity to check out your child's classroom and meet the teachers and other staff/administrators.

Curriculum Night
  • Every elementary school has a curriculum night!

  • Make sure you attend your child's curriculum night!  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about what your child will be learning.

UCPS Newsletter
  • Sign up to receive UCPS's monthly newsletter.

  • Or text UCPSNEWS to 22828

Social Media
Parent Conferences

Did you know that, in elementary school, before receiving your child's first report card of the year you must FIRST meet with the teacher?  It's always a good idea for both parents/guardians to attend.

Email List & Connect Ed 

Always keep your email and phone number up to date with your child's school.  Your phone number and email are used to send important Connect Ed messages.  Connect Ed messages are the automated emails or phone calls you receive from your child's school or UCPS that contain important notifications such as:

  • school closures due to inclement weather 

  • school lockdowns 

  • bomb threats 

  • weekly principal updates 

  • early dismissal reminders

  • upcoming teacher workday/holiday reminders

  • etc.

If you have ever received a call/email informing you of any of the above, then you've received a Connect Ed.  If not, reach out to your child's school to update your contact information. 

School Lunch
  • Want to see the food items available in the cafeteria today?  Download this School Nutrition app (App Store, Google Play), and select your student's school from the menu.

  • Did you know you can see a history of the types of items your child purchases in the lunch line?  Have your student number ready and create an account at  Once logged in, select "Manage Students" from the left-side menu and use your child's student number to link their lunch account.  For a small service charge, you can also use k12paymentcenter to deposit money into your child's lunch account.

Bus Riders
  • Download the Here Comes the Bus App (App Store, Google Play) to see the location of your child's school bus in real time!

School Library
  • If you would like to see the books that are available in the school library, visit Destiny, and select your child's school from the list. 

  • To see the books that your child is signing out, ask them to log in using their student number as the username and the word "student" as the password.  Select "My Stuff" from the top menu, then click on "Checkouts" from the drop-down box.

Ways to volunteer at your child's school:

  • Join the parent organization (PTO/PTSO)

  • Chaperone filed trips

  • Be a Career Day speaker

  • Help with field day

  • Join the Band Boosters

  • Become a tutor

  • Become a mentor

  • Join the Read with U program (elementary school only)

  • Become a room parent (this opportunity varies by school, teacher, and grade level)

*To volunteer with UCPS, you must be an approved volunteer.  To complete a volunteer application click here.

Student Handbooks

Familiarize yourself with the current student handbook.

Essential Standards

Know the topics that your child is learning!  The NC Department of Public Instruction provides the standards for all grade levels and core classes.  Click on the links below for access to these documents.  You will need to sort through the lists and find the documents relevant to your child's grade level and/or class.  Documents with the "Unpacked" or "Unpacking" designation provide the standards in much more detail! 

Alternative Assignments

Did you know...


  • that you may inspect any instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum for your child? This includes materials used for health education! (Student Handbook pg. 13)

  • that you have the right to determine that individual materials in the media center or other supplementary materials may not be appropriate for your child?  (Policy 5-1, Section V, Part II B)

If after full review, consideration, and discussion of a questioned material with your child's teacher(s)/administrators, you would like to request that it not be assigned or made available to your child, submit this form to your child's school.  If the material is part of your child's classroom assignments, they will be given an alternative assignment by their teacher.

*Be aware, that while you have the right to determine the resources your child reads, views, or listens to, you DO NOT have the right to make that determination for someone else's child. (Policy 5-1, Section V, Part I C)

Health Education Program

Did you know you have the right to opt out of your child's participation in curricula related to health education? (pg. 62 of middle and high school handbook, pg. 59 of elementary handbook)

  • In UCPS, parents are given the option of 3 curricula to choose from.

  • If you would like to review the materials from the curriculum, reach out to your school principal.

The documents related to health education are included with the packet of documents provided to students at the beginning of the school year.   Make sure you READ, make a selection, SIGN, and return them to school.  Failure to return these documents to the school constitutes your consent for your child to participate in this educational program.

Student Records
  • Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to review and inspect your child's student record! (Policy 4-14 Section A: 1)

  • You also have the right to request an amendment if you feel their record contains misleading or inaccurate information. (Policy 4-14 Section A: 2)

Contractors & Consultants
  • Did you know that UCPS must notify you if they use contractors, consultants, volunteers or similar persons as school officials to perform certain services that UCPS would otherwise perform itself? (Policy 4-14 Section A: 8)

  • These notifications can come as phone calls, emails, or with the packet of documents provided at the beginning of the school year.

  • Make sure to keep your contact information with UCPS updated so that you don't miss these important notifications.