Core Beliefs

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Teach.  Inspire.  Educate.

The following list represents my core beliefs, in no particular order, as they pertain to education.  As an educator, these core beliefs served as my guiding principles for all decision-making in the classroom to ensure that my students received a quality education at all times.  If elected to serve on the board of education, these same principles will guide my decision-making as I strive to improve Union County Public School's excellence in education.  

  • Teachers are highly-trained professionals who deserve trust and respect.

  • Autonomy in the classroom empowers teachers to reach all learners.

  • Teachers know their students best.

  • Schools should equip students to become life-long learners.

  • The core skills developed through Math/Science education are essential for everyday life.

  • Parent support and involvement is vital for student success in the classroom.

  • Students should always come first.

  • Students learn best when they identify with the world around them.

  • A challenging learning environment is necessary for student growth.