Mom & Wife

I grew up in Stallings and attended Indian Trail Elementary School, and Sun Valley Middle and High School.  I am a married mom of three UCPS students, three dogs and one cat.  When I am not busy with mom duties, enjoying family movie time, or playing with the dogs and cat, I am usually hard at work learning something new.  

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Originally from Mexico, I came to Union County in the early 90's and started school without speaking a word of English.  A major life change can be scary for a small child, but I received nothing but support from the educators around me.  From day one, my Union County teachers were determined to do whatever was in their power to help me succeed.  They would give up their lunch time to sit with me and teach me English.  They came in before school, stayed after, and made time during the day to work with me one-on-one.  I recall many English lessons in which my teachers used sign language and acted out the verbs and nouns I needed to learn.

My deep respect for educators stems from this experience as a child.  It was heart-warming and humbling to witness the passion, dedication, and flexibility with which these educators taught me.  But most humbling of all was their willingness to step outside of their daily duties to help just ONE student succeed.  Thank you, Mr. Sutton, Mrs. Cass, Mrs. Culbreth, and Mrs. Shumate for being part of this supportive team!


I have a bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a graduate certificate to teach secondary science from UNC Charlotte.  I previously taught high school Chemistry outside of UCPS.  Besides Chemistry, I facilitated an Earth and Environmental Science online course, led two Seminar courses, and served as the yearbook advisor. 

Though life has steered me away from the classroom, I remain passionate about all issues affecting our state of education.  Serving my students was one of my greatest passions in life and, with your vote, I hope to continue that service as a member of our school board.  I encourage our parents and stakeholders to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.  I am an open book and I welcome your input!