"...in the decision-making for and within our schools, education must always come first!" 

I am excited to be running for the UCPS Board of Education. I grew up in Union County, graduated from Sun Valley HS, and now have 3 children enrolled in UCPS. My experiences with UCPS have mostly exceeded my expectations and my idea of what a quality education should be. It is not for nothing that our school district has long been regarded as one of the best school districts in our state!

As a former educator, I know that to build the path toward excellence, we must always put the interests of our students, teachers, and staff first. This means building strong parent/teacher relationships and creating policies that facilitate learning, support teachers' and students' needs, and appropriately address the challenges that arise in the classroom and in our schools.

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Having worked alongside students, teachers, and administrators, I know, firsthand, that higher-level decisions and directives made by individuals who have never served in educator's shoes are not always made in the best interest of those who are present inside our schools on a daily basis.

I firmly believe that in the decision-making for and within our schools, education must always come first! As leaders, we must not allow our personal wants, needs, beliefs, or political desires to make lose sight of what truly matters: our students.


Over the past few months, I have witnessed our school board making decisions that were primarily driven by their personal and political desires despite the requirement that, as board members, they commit to "[rendering] all decisions based on the available facts" (Policy 1-29/1-16: Code of Ethics for School Board Members).  While I respect every individual's political/personal beliefs and value the diversity that these bring to our community, I recognize that they must be placed aside to allow for the objective, logical, and data-driven decision-making necessary to adequately serve ALL of our students, teachers, and staff.  Thus, my commitments to our parents and stakeholders have been shaped with these ideals in mind. 

I am excited for the prospect of serving our school community with grit, passion, dedication, and empathy. I look forward to working with our parents and stakeholders. I know that, together, we can make education 1st so that we can all have a brighter tomorrow!

My commitments if elected:

  • Base all decisions on facts (independent of my personal needs and desires) and render my vote after careful analysis and consideration of all available data.

  • Pass policies that facilitate learning and improve the quality of education.


  • Conduct all discussions about policy during official open meetings (except as required by privacy laws).

  • Share all documents and materials I use for policy decisions if those materials are not already part of the records formally shared by UCPS.

  • Maintain honest and open communication with all stakeholders.

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Calendar Events:

Come meet me at the Spring Festival and Kite Festival in Lake Park!

Date: Saturday, March 26
Time: 10 am - 4 pm
  Founder's Park 
  4029-4095 Mother Teresa Dr.
  Indian Trail, NC 28079



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